Austrian Pioneer in Interim Management

We have 20 years of experience in the placement of Interim Managers. 

Our loyal customers are SMEs, NPOs and international companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and CEE. Since 2001, we have:

  • a broadly scattered pool which includes 1000 personal checked Interim Managers and allows to cover 95% of our customer requests
  • a well-proven, personal matching method which guarantees a nearly 100 percent
    success rate
  • high loyalty of our Interim Managers, many members of the first hour are still active for us

What is Interim Management?

Interim management is also called management on time. ATLAS offers immediately available management know-how, professional know-how and branch know-how 

  • to master a concrete challenge
  • to move a project successfully or
  • to bridge a vacancy to permanent occupation. 

From fixed personnel costs becomes an achievement-related expenditure. You and your team can focus on core competencies.

Interim Management generates lasting use

Interim management saves time and money. No costs for job announcements, a time-consuming recruiting process becomes no longer necessary. Clients receive access to know-how, which is often not available in the conventional job market and after successful implementation remains with the company.

Interim Management brings cost savings, flexibility, implementation and know-how profit

  • precise qualifications for the task
  • for exact the period which is required
  • within less days the know-how is available
  • the know-how wich remains in your company after successful implementation
  • responsible for the successful implementation – clear focus on results
  • instead of fixed personnel costs only effectively rendered services are invoiced
  • honorary without social security, no special payments, no company car – the
    Interim Manager himself is responsible for taxes and deliveries
  • no effect on the head-count
  • competent, prompt and efficient implementation, because an Interim Manager has already solved similar challenges several times
  • temporal extent flexibly adapted also during the course of the project: Full or part-time or even just 1 day a week as a “supervisor”